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this is why I have problems confiding in people even when they’re well-intentioned

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people who ship or even appreciate johnlock need to stop watching the show because obviously they haven’t the fucking foggiest what the show is about


at this point they are just ridiculing themselves

ship wars need to stop.  I don’t care what fandom, I don’t care what ship.  Just. Stop.

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“I just always thought I’d be a comedian. It was way more important to be funny or honest than to look a certain way.”

Benedict Cumberbatch for Vanity Fair (x)

Allow me to express my gratitude for taking this photo with your specs ;)

today in my neuroanatomy I learned that some of the targets of the anterolateral pain pathway from the spinal column include some of the same parts of the limbic system that are activated by emotional pain.

I’m in bed right now refusing to let myself cry right now but because my pain originates centrally instead of peripherally I am afraid to tell anyone about it.

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plus then she’ll ask what I had for dinner and I’m a horrible liar and she’ll know I didn’t eat anything and be all “why didn’t you eat anything?!” and I don’t know how to answer that question ever.  I don’t want food.  I don’t want to see my roommates because they’ll ask me normal questions about my day and I won’t be able to answer them. 

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want to call my mom and tell her I’m sad but also don’t want to admit I’m sad out loud

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I hope that you feel better because you don’t seem like you’re “okay” at all right now. I made a video for when things are hard (because I can relate to what you’re going through) and I sincerely hope it helps. Remember to be gentle with yourself and to stay strong. I believe in you and that you can and deserve to get through this. Please keep close the fact that you are loved just as you are, even if only by me. 

(PS here is the link to the post if that’s easier for you…)

thank you.  thank you so much.  <3 i’m posting this, hopefully it’ll help some of my followers, too

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Oh my dear fucking God.